Saturday, January 15, 2011

Live the Life that Unfolds Before You

This week I got pretty absorbed in a fantasy series for younger readers called The Wilderking Trilogy. It's a delightful story about an average young shepherd boy who has a prophecy bestowed upon him that he would one day be the king. Lots of parallels to the David story in the Bible but it has many of its own twists and turns and is full of strange people called Feechies who provide much of the wonderful humour in the books. Some good lessons taught throughout, especially liked the one I used as the title for this post.
Feels good to have been able to maintain a more disciplined lifestyle, walking more, getting to the fitness club, losing a few pounds even. Today Beth and I went out for breakfast, but we walked, and then went grocery shopping and walked back home laden down with 2 big bags of food plus 10 lbs. of potatoes - it was a good workout (plus add in 2 rounds of shovelling this morning).
Music listening this week: Caedmon's Call "Raising Up the Dead" - really love the last song, 'Free'; Derek Webb "The Stockholm Syndrome" - this guy's always pushing boundaries (in a good way); Burlap to Cashmere "Anybody Out There?" - AMAZING musicianship; Carolyn Arends "Love Was Here First" - her stuff seems a bit sparse and simple after listening to the rich instrumentation of some of the other artists, but still some of her lyric writing is excellent and moving.

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