Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ups and Downs

Baby it's cold outside! Excited this week to get tickets (1 free with Air Miles) to fly to Florida at March break. Will stay with Mom and Dad, making it a cheap holiday (also had to pay the large electricians' bill for our renovations/old wiring removal this week). Have found that it's always nice to have something in the future to look forward to.
Joel took a pretty big spill this week while snowboarding at Blue Mountain and injured his hip. In a lot of pain and ended up getting Xrayed and crutches for going up and down the stairs. But he seemed to  heal pretty quickly and was back to work by the end of the week.
Sunday was a great day, with an excellent sermon on kindness and then a chance afterward to put it into action as our Thursday small group served lunch to some of the children and their families. Beth and I also took some leftovers to a community organization.
Report cards are due in a week so will spend a lot of time this weekend writing them - bit of stress with the new format.
Finished the Oliver Sacks book "The Mind's Eye". He writes about some fascinating ideas related to our brains and perceptions. He covers topics like losing the ability to speak or read, or have depth perception, or even be able to recognize faces. Sacks always humanizes anomalies by focussing on actual people who have had to deal with these disabilities.
Listened to Mark Heard's last album again this week (he died in '92, I was at the concert where he had a heart attack on stage). It has lost absolutely nothing over the years. Want to sit down with the lyrics to appreciate it even more. Also listened to the great posthumous collection "Hammers and Nails" and Sufjan Steven's "The Age of Adz".

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