Thursday, March 13, 2008


We're having a wonderful time in Florida, even though the house is less than ideal (not real clean and the pool has been especially a problem). We drove over to see the shuttle launch Mon. night/Tues. morning. It was a long wait, with lots of traffic but it was pretty spectacular, though short-lived, as the cloud cover was quite low.
Last night we went to see U23D in Orlando and it was not a disappointment. I was really struck with the passion of the band (especially Bono of course), but also the passion of the fans, as they sang along. Man it was like church at times (a very cool church!). I think this is aided by the fact that U2 doesn't sing much fluff, they're promoting ideas like peace and justice and love (agape and philio more than eros).
Today we plan to hang close to the (somewhat murky) pool and enjoy the sun & heat (high of 79).

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Road Trip!

Well school is done and we leave for Orlando area tomorrow. Original plan was to already be on the road but with my uncle's passing this week, dad is flying back and we'll have him join us for the drive down after the funeral. We'll try driving it straight through, hopefully with 4 possible drivers it won't be too painful. Really looking forward to just sitting by the pool reading, swim when I get too hot, get back out, read some more, repeat as needed.