Friday, February 15, 2008

Starting Up

It seems to be time to begin some (perhaps) regular posting on the web. Mostly for myself, mostly as a record of my thoughts and experiences. It's a crazy time to start this in some respects because there's really no way that I have the time to devote to it. Report cards are looming and our niece Tina is in intensive care. I seem to still be a little sore from my hernia operation 3 weeks ago today. Maybe it's because I've put in a full week at school, though it wasn't real stressful with skating on Tuesday and Valentine's Day and Winter Carnival yesterday. 
I'm looking forward to this long, Family Day weekend and hope to accomplish a lot of school work. I'd really like to take in U23D on Monday in Toronto if possible. Everyone seems to be just raving about it. Friends should be arriving shortly for a relaxing evening of games and snacks. I considered taking in the Black Walnut Folk Club tonight but feel the need to just hang. Worked on memorizing Dylan's "Every Grain of Sand" the last few days as I've walked back and forth from school. It's a great song but I wouldn't pretend to understand all of the poetry in it. It was mentioned by many who posted on The Rabbit Room ( thread about favourite song lyrics.

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