Monday, August 1, 2011

Staycation #1?

     Beth and I went to see "Horrible Bosses" last Sunday, which was definitely hilarious in many parts but also obscenely vulgar in others - why do film-makers seems so willing to lower the bar? I keep saying that I'm really not a prude, but flicks like this do make me feel that maybe I am, as I find some of it pretty offensive.
     Beth was off this week and she helped "inspire" me to get a few more jobs done: repairing & repainting Josie's gate in the kitchen. fixing a doorknob, cleaning up & organizing my workroom (bought a cool label maker for nail/screw/etc. drawers & shelves), and washing the kitchen floor.
     On Tuesday we travelled to Oakville for Beth's appointment with the surgeon who will fix up the veins in her leg in September. In talking to him she discovered that he trained/worked with the doctor who did my heart surgery back in 2005 (Dr. Ashe - he's still at St. Mary's, we thought he was wonderful, and I think he's considered one of the top heart surgeons in Canada). We met Josh for lunch at Turtle Jack's as he works nearby. We were really hungry so ordered some garlic bread as an appetizer, but because things weren't explained clearly we ended up with 12 pieces!
     Wednesday afternoon we visited our friends Daryl and Sue at a cottage they were staying at near St. Josephs, on Lake Huron. This is very close to Beth's home town of Zurich, so we stopped at the cemetery there and also at the bakery where Beth's mom used to work. Multiculturalism seems to have finally hit this village as the bakery has been taken over by a Chinese lady - but they still bake traditional Bismarck donuts. After a rousing game of Up and Down the River with our friends (which Beth won, she would like to note) we headed over to Grand Bend for a nice visit with some of Beth's family (her sister Sharon, and Ted - who live in Grand Bend, and her brother Gary, and Cathy - who are nearby in Exeter)
     On Friday we served a meal again at Ray of Hope in downtown Kitchener. We barbecued sausages and served these on a bun, along with a variety of salads and cake. It turned out very well, though we were told to prepare for 190 people but only about 95 showed up, so there was lots of food left (which they simply use in the next day or 2). I had a good conversation with a young man who comes to the Centre pretty regularly - he seems to be managing quite well on his disability cheque by wisely using many of the support services that are available in the city.
     On Saturday we were thrilled to get an invitation to friends from our Friday night study group, Suzanne and Frank, to come for dinner and games at their place. We had a great meal and a wonderful time - the ladies won in Sequence and then we played a very entertaining game of Wizard (where you just weren't sure what would happen in a round).
     Remember that 20 pounds I said I lost earlier this year (20 Pounds)? Well I found it again! And I've even kept up my regular exercise routine at the club 3 times a week. So in the last couple of weeks I've gotten a bit more serious about watching what I eat, especially cutting down on the snacks. The scale is starting to slowly move back down again - I've added in trying to take a walk on days I don't go to the club and a short ab workout DVD I stole from Alison.
     I read a very interesting book this week called "The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction" by Alan Jacobs. I had read his excellent biography of C.S. Lewis ("The Narnian") a few years ago and heard him speak at the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing in 2008. His lecture at the festival was wonderful - it made me think it may have been something like hearing Lewis speak to one of his classes many years ago. Anyway, Jacobs' new book got me doing some thinking about the reading I do. I average about 50 books a year but sometimes I think I might read too fast or can't recall enough of the book after I'm finished. Jacobs got me to consider doing more rereading of good books I own - there are probably a number of great/important books that I should reread on a regular basis and I'm going to try to  compile a list and add them into my annual reading regimen.
     Lots of listening this week as I worked, walked or drove: Sweet Comfort Band - Hearts on Fire & Perfect Timing, Be Bop Deluxe - Modern Music, Josh Ritter - So Runs the World Away & Historical Conquests, Petra - Washes Whiter Than, Phil Keaggy - Emerging (I'd forgotten what great rock guitar he plays on this) & Play Thru Me, Imperials - Very Best of, Prodigal - Electric Eye & Just Like Real Life, Allies, Bruce Cockburn - Life Short Call Now, Janny - He Made Me Worthy & Think on These Things (her stuff sounds pretty dated)

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