Wednesday, August 10, 2011


     Last Monday was Josh's 23rd birthday but Beth had to work a 12 hour day shift. She's back doing bedside nursing after 2.5 years of being resource nurse at the desk - it's a shared position now so she'll rotate with another nurse every 3 months. But it also means she's back to shift work - 2 twelve hour days, then 2 twelve hour nights, then 4 days off. So for Josh's birthday I arranged a golf day at Rockway - Dad, myself, Josh and his friend Adam made it a foursome. We went out for brunch first at Cora's then headed to the course for our 12:08 tee-off. The young guys opted for an electric cart. We all had fun but everyone except Dad shot pretty inconsistently, though we improved over the 18 holes. It was pretty sweltering hot on the front nine but seemed more temperate as the afternoon wore on. Five (!) hours later we headed home for a quick freshening up and then Josh and I met Mom & Dad at Swiss Chalet for supper. Later I went to the club for my regular workout but it was super challenging as my body was exhausted!
     It ended up being a pretty unproductive week - couldn't seem to find the motivation to get much accomplished. I did get into the school one day but not much done around the house. The continuing oppressive heat also is a factor I think. Did do lots of walking and exercising though (but the scale is being somewhat stubborn about moving down). Feeling a bit guilty that I somehow managed to fit in 4 movies this week - Crazy Stupid Love (lots of great twists in this, and fine acting), Cowboys and Aliens (kinda dragged at times - too many scenes of just riding horses through the wilderness), Bridesmaids (wasn't as offended as I thought I might be), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (interesting story, neat how it sets up the other, much older, series).
     On Wednesday Beth and I went to have our wills updated as things have changed since we did them originally 18 years ago. It seemed expensive but we're glad to have that taken care of.
     I read through an older book (actually 3 books in one) by P.G. Wodehouse. He wrote these classic British stories about a rich guy named Wooster and his brilliant butler Jeeves who helps him solve problems that arise in his aristocratic life. They're pretty funny but I don't think I'll read the whole series.
     Saturday was a Hugill (Beth's maiden name) family gathering in Grand Bend. Everyone was able to make it (except for her nephew Scott and family who live in Calgary, and our son Joel who had to work), including her niece Kim and family who were visiting from Edmonton. It's great to reconnect with folks we sometimes don't get to see very often. Sharon provided a nice lunch and some of us headed to the beach in the afternoon. We had lots of fun watching the kids (ages ranging from 3 to 25) interact and play [in the attached photo our great-niece Jenna is crying because Josh tipped her off of the air mattress]. We treated the kids to Denny's (a popular local hamburger joint) at supper and then Beth & I walked downtown Grand Bend, picking up a sweater and shirt (for Beth) along the way.
     On Sunday we celebrated Josh's birthday with family and friends (only 6 days late, which often happens with birthdays in our family [especially those around long weekends - which includes everyone's birthday except Joel's] as we try to coordinate schedules with everyone). In the evening Beth and I went over to Mom & Dad's to try to help him with computer issues and to play a game of Hand & Foot.
     Another week with lots of music (listening while walking or driving): Klaatu, Noel Paul Stookey - Something New and Fresh, The Statler Brothers (I loved listening to these guys when I was about 13 years old) - Oh Happy Day, Old Testament, Greatest Hits; John Mehler - Bow & Arrow, Fireworks - Sightseeing at Night, Burlap to Cashmere, Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken - TN EP, Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So What, Glenn Kaiser - Cardboard Box, Various Artists - Making God Smile (Brian Wilson Tribute), Surfonic Water Revival (these last 2 are our favourite beach music CDs - they're great tunes!), Josh Garrels - Love and War and the Sea In Between, Kerry Livgren/A.D. - Time Line

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