Sunday, February 20, 2011

Niagara Falls

    So I'm writing this from our motel room as Beth and I decided to get away for an overnight on the Family Day holiday. Checked into the Radisson (our room has a partially obstructed view of the Falls) and took a walk down to Table Rock. Bought a package deal that let us go into the Niagara's Fury presentation (which is a fun multimedia show), and go down to the observation deck at the base of the Falls - it's neat to see them up close in winter. Beth wanted to go to the Elements restaurant that overlooks the Falls, and I'm glad she convinced me. It was a great meal for a decent price - a special deal that included soup and dessert. Plus the view was fantastic! Then we walked back up (and I mean up!) to our motel. In the evening we drove back down, taking advantage of the free parking and we went skating at The Rink on the Brink, which is an outdoor rink they've built right across the road from the Falls. They had the lights illuminating both sets of falls so it was another nice view. The only problem was Beth ended up falling and hitting her head pretty hard. We came back then and got some ice on it. Later, I took a long walk to burn off some of supper's calories - went down to the river and up Clifton Hill - man it's a real circus around there. Checked in on Beth, hoping it's not a concussion - don't think she hit that hard but I've been reading about Sydney Crosby's injury so now will worry a bit more. Tomorrow we'll have a nice breakfast and visit the Butterfly Conservatory (part of that package we got) before heading home. Wouldn't mind checking out the exercise room and pool too before we go.
    We need to get back in time to go to the visitation for a sweet neighbour man who passed away this past week. Other significant news is Josh is thrilled (as are we) that he has a new job. Still commuting though.
    Listened to more music this week (more walking = more weight loss = happier Terry) - Robert Plant's "Band of Joy" (not enthralled), Josh Ritter's "The Animal Years" (it's good but I'm going to give it more attention), Mumford and Sons (I like this), Mike Roe (just his voice and guitar - nice), Steve Bell's new release "Kindness".
    Began rereading "When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayers" by Jerry Sittser as I recall it being an insightful study. Sunday's message was I think the best sermon I've ever heard on forgiveness. Pastor Todd is such an excellent communicator.


david said...

Keep us posted about Mom. Glad that you guys where able to get away for a bit. Sounds like its been fun!

Matt said...

Hey Beth,

I hope your head is feeling better. I'm sorry to hear about your fall in Niagra.

Despite the fall, it sounds like you guys had a blast. I wish I was there!

All my best,


Doug said...

Beth -- your head? Did it survive the fall? How's your head a few days later?

Sounds like a nice getaway to Niagara Falls!