Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Bit of Snow

This picture makes it look worse than it actually was because of the drifting that happened near the front of the driveway. Still, it was a lot of work shovelling. Of course I didn't mind as I had the day off because a snow day was declared. Hardly seemed necessary but realized again the power of the media to influence events. Weather reporters had been wetting themselves in excitement for days previous predicting the "storm of the year". Sure don't have much respect for them but I enjoyed the day off anyway.
David and Rachel's move last Saturday went quite smoothly and very quickly too. They had lots of help and we were done by 11:30. Waited around for lunch then went home to rest and also realized that somewhere along the line I had pulled a muscle in my arm that was actually quite painful. Ended up missing a couple of trips to the gym this week as a result.
Met with the children's ministry leader on Tuesday to share songs I know that I think could be used in their Sunday morning program. I've volunteered to lead some singing a couple of times a month. It's neat to think these songs (and me) can still be used to be a blessing (maybe I better see how it goes before I say too much;)).
I actually did play guitar on Sunday morning for the service and it seemed to go very well. I got lots of positive feedback anyway so that was a nice encouragement.
I plowed (pun intended?) through a couple of lighter books this week. "The Charlatan's Boy" by Jonathon Rogers was a fun read and "The Identity Man" by Andrew Klavan was a pretty engrossing (though sometimes racy) thriller. Not as much walking so not as much music. Did listen to some episodes of "The Blank Squirrel Podcast", which I imagine very few people have heard of - it's by a musician from our last church, and I do think he does a pretty nice job with it.

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