Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reading: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

     Read an excellent short novel this week called "Chasing Francis" about a disillusioned pastor visiting an uncle in Italy who is a Franciscan. It ends up being a creative look at St. Francis' life and some of the things he can still teach us today. Interestingly, Francis lived in a transitional period of history as the Renaisance was about to take hold - this has some intriguing comparisons with our current modern/postmodern change in thinking. Simply written, engaging, but with some real depth of wisdom. So superior to the other book I quickly read through this week by guitarist Doyle Dykes - he really felt compelled in his biographical sketches to hit people over the head (repeatedly) with the Bible.
     Also read a most disturbing article in the latest National Geographic about child brides. It's shocking to realize how many women/girls in the world do not have basic human rights. Some of the examples shared were very tragic. The picture I've included shows a police woman who had the 'audacity' to arrest a man who had stabbed his 15 year old wife multiple times for disobeying him. This officer was later killed by the Taliban.
     We attended the KW Symphony today [see, my musical tastes are broader than you thought;)]. It was the last performance to include the main bassoonist, Cedric Coleman, who is retiring after playing with the orchestra for 37 years. Beth remembers going to the symphony in high school and seeing him. Plus he was a patient on her floor a couple of years ago. It was an excellent concert featuring Gustav Holst's 'The Planets' and what made it so great was the introductions given by the conductor Edwin Outwater. He has a wonderful manner, a neat sense of humour, and a wealth of musical knowledge (of course). It's been a while since we've been, but it was so fantastic that now we're tempted to buy a package for next season.
     That was a much better use of our Sunday than last week when we walked back and forth to the Frederick Street Cinema to see "Pirates of the Caribbean - part 4". Whatever, at least it was good exercise. This past Saturday we went to the Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg - got a few things in the Ten Thousand Villages tent but we were disappointed that most of the booths were just selling food. That night we had Mom & Dad and Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Don over for supper and a game of dominoes - I spent a couple of hours mowing the grass, sweeping the deck and cleaning off the patio furniture so we could sit outside while I barbecued. We always have a nice time with these folks - lots of laughter.
     Listened to a bunch of old CCM stuff this week: some was cheesy and lame (Joe English "Lights in the World", Mylon LeFevre "Brand New Start" & "Look Up"), some was cheesy but decent (Randy Matthews "Plugged In") and some was still great after all these years (Chuck Girard "Take it Easy"). Also listened to The Choir's "Deplumed" which I think is phenomenal.

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