Saturday, March 19, 2011


We got back yesterday from our trip to St. Petersburg, Florida, where we visited with mom and dad at their trailer park (and slept on their pull out couch!). It was a wonderful week with lots of sunshine and warmth. Relaxed on the beach, did some reading (I'm part way through 'The Count of Monte Cristo' - what a great book!), and played some games in the evening (learned a new one that's interesting called 'Hand and Foot'). We got to meet some of mom and dad's many friends that they've made down there - they've been coming to that park for 8 years now and been going to the Baptist church in the area for even longer. Dad and I went golfing one morning and he only beat me by 3 strokes - neither of us did very well but at least I parred one hole. I didn't take my computer along though I had my iPad with me - but there was no internet around so a couple of times we walked for 30 minutes (each way) to go to a Starbucks where I could check my email, etc.
I always find flying interesting - so many people seem to take it for granted but Beth and I do it so infrequently that it's like an adventure for us. The comedian Louis CK has some great insights into the phenomenon of whiney people always complaining about plane delays, etc. instead of appreciating the miracle that we're actually sitting in a chair in the sky flying like a bird! Anyway I don't mind hanging out at airports reading or doing puzzles (or eating - there was a 5 Guys hamburger joint at the Washington airport - Yum!). However I guess I do have one (legitimate I think) complaint this time: on our way south we had a 3 hour layover, but we landed in Baltimore (Maryland) and our next flight left from Washington (D.C.)!! That was a one hour taxi ride that cost us over $100! I'll be calling up the Air Miles folks this week to get some compensation I hope.
Didn't listen to as much music this week but did give a better listen to the new Bruce Cockburn and I think it's growing on me. Also got into 'The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter' a bit - this guy's good! The clip on my iPod case broke so I've had to search hard for a replacement - think I found one that will work, hope the order gets to mom and dad before they leave on the 28th.

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